Five $5 Meals for Summer

July 18, 2017
These five $5 meals for summer are perfect for anyone who wishes they could save money on their grocery bill!  And you won’t be eating beans on toast!  They’re all delicious, filled with fresh summer flavours and filling enough for a satisfying meal. 
Hi guys!
Recently I challenged myself to come up with five $5 meals.  It was tough!  I didn’t want to make so-so meals, I wanted to make fantastic meals!  And, as you might know, groceries are pretty expensive where we live.  Still, the difficulty of this exercise made me realize how important it was for me to do.
There are so many reasons to want to save money on your grocery bill.  For some people it’s a necessity – they have a hard time making ends meet, or have trouble getting ahead.  For other people, the excess money they spend on groceries could go toward a goal of some kind – saving money for a down payment, or a trip, to pay down debt or just for a rainy day.
So I came up with 5 fantastic meals you that I could make for around $5 each.  You might live somewhere where groceries are cheaper and you may be able to make these meals for even less than me.  Or you might live somewhere where groceries are more expensive (and if you do, you have my heartfelt sympathy), but at least the recipes can help you get delicious meals on the table and save money on your grocery bill at the same time.
I made full use of timely sales, seasonal ingredients, and some use of things I can grow and things I could make from scratch, in order to keep my costs down.  And ideally, this is what you should be doing too, if you’re able to.  Not just for these meals, but for as many meals as you can.  Time is a huge constraint, and I get that.  It is for me too.  It’s not always possible to cook from scratch.  But you should definitely keep in mind what’s on sale and what’s in season, and try to let those thoughts guide most of your purchasing.  If you do, you’ll start to save money.
We’ve created an actual e-book of these $5 meal recipes, and I hope you’ll download it here.
This isn’t a one-time challenge for me.  I thought it was a fantastic exercise and I’m going to work on five $5 meals for fall, winter and spring as well.
Stay tuned! 🙂


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