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    Strawberry Watermelon Punch

    July 13, 2018
    Strawberries, watermelon and red juice on a table

    This Strawberry Watermelon Punch will be your favourite summer drink! Perfect for brunch, picnics or summer parties – you can make it alcoholic or non-alcoholic – so it’s great for kids too! It’s easy to make and super refreshing! Did you go crazy and buy too many watermelons and strawberries on a super summer sale?  Or just find yourself with leftover watermelon and berries that you’re not eating fast enough?  This Strawberry Watermelon Punch recipe is for you. After all,…

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  • Grapefruit Mint Infused Water is healthy, refreshing and delicious
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    Grapefruit Mint Infused Water

    This Grapefruit Mint Infused Water is healthy, refreshing and a delicious alternative to expensive bottled drinks that are filled with sugar substitutes.  It’s easy to drink more water every day by making infused waters…

    February 27, 2018